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Warehouse Locks

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Business Security

home safety

The commercial lock repair and maintenance experts at Top regularly perform our skilled services for warehouse operations, and in that process, deal with many of the most popular (and even obscure) warehouse locks in the industry. In this brief blog post, we’ll go into a bit of detail regarding the different types of warehouse locks that are implemented for security.

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Common types of Residential Locks

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locks

Risky College Student Security Behavior

The residential locksmith experts at Top regularly perform installation, maintenance, and repair services for Maryland homeowners – and in the process, deal with a massive variety of different types of locks. Here a brief guide to the most common types of residential locks that we deal with in our industry.

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Modes of Electronic Entry

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Business Security, Home Security, Locks
Businessman entering safe code to unlock the door.

Businessman entering safe code to unlock the door.

There’s many types of electronic locks available on the market today, from simple ‘plug and play’ varieties focused on homeowners, and more technically complex varieties for commercial  security and institutional use. Electronic locks, to put it simply, utilize electronic signals to move from unlocked to locked settings – and without these signals, would statically remain in one of these settings. There’s many types of ‘keys’ that can be used with electronic locks, with variations depending on which make and model of lock you’ve chosen to utilize. The most common types of electronic entry tokens are in car key fob/transponders. However, there’s many more varieties out there – in this blog entry, the lock aficionados at Top will explain the pros and cons of various forms of electronic entry modes.

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Trunk Lockout Remedies

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locksmith Services

Open car trunk

Getting locked outside of your trunk, while seemingly less of a major issue than getting locked outside of the body of your vehicle, can be quite an inconvenience that could throw a major wrench into your daily plans. Here’s the automotive locksmith experts at Top Locksmith best ways to get into a locked trunk.

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Commercial Locksmith FAQ


Here at Top Locksmith, we provide service to tons of both residential and commercial clients every day. Here’s a list of the most common inquiries that we receive regarding our full spectrum of commercial locksmith services.


How long will it take for one of your locksmiths to get to my business?

It will almost always take between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the location of your commercial property. Top’s locksmith are mobile based – meaning they are situated in mobile locksmith vans equipped with the latest and greatest equipment to provide you exemplary service in an efficient and quick manner.


Do I need to understand what type of locks my business implements?

The experts at Top Locksmith are knowledgeable about all manners and brand of locks, and can assess the specific make and models of your existing locks, diagnose your security needs, and help provide you solutions without any need for you to have knowledge about the lock products themselves – although, it might help if you remembered if there have been any lock related services provided to your business in the recent past.


How long will it take for one of your locksmiths to open my door?

Depending on the door, the lock, and the specifics of the issue, it can take our locksmiths 10-25 minutes to open a door – but rest assured that we will get it open, always.


Will your services damage my office lock?

The majority of lock opening methods that utilize bump keys won’t’ cause any damage to the lock. However, in extreme cases, the lock will need to be drilled and then replaced – a service which the Top experts can quickly and professionally carry out on the spot.


Will opening up my commercial business’ safe open up the interior property?

Absolutely not! The experts at Top make sure to be as careful as possible when handling your property, ensuring that all of your valuables stay unharmed during the safe opening process. That being said, it’s not a bad idea to mention any fragile items that may be housed in the safe before any service is carried out.


Will opening up my commercial safe damage the safe itself?

It’s likely that your safe will need to be replaced after it is opened, as its security infrastructure has been compromised, and it’s ability to securely protect your property has been diminished. This is the common likelihood with safe opening operations.

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Guide to Fire Doors

blog_top 2

Fire doors are integral parts of commercial and residential safety or security. They are used in conjunction with fire door locks that help contain or slow the spread of fire throughout a location, while also functioning as a safe and protected egress method for all interior occupants. They are made to be fire resistance, and similar to the way deadbolts are made to withstand force, they are made to withstand huge levels of heat. Here’s a guide to the functionality of fire doors as prepared by Top Locksmith.


Definition of Fire Doors

Fire doors are part of emergency and fire safety planning, and a core aspect of PFP (passive fire protection_ protocols which are used in buildings as fire safety structure. These protocols slow down or contain a fire’s spread. Fire doors are set with fire resistance ratings which measure the amount of time that a PFP measure withstands the aspects of a fire resistance test  – which are all set with different requirements depending on your country or state. It’s important to pay close attention to fire protection protocols, as they are essential for both the protection of property, but also lives. Fire door locks should not be confused with fire rated door locks, as the door locks are usually geared towards burglary protection rather than complete fire protection.


Requirements for Fire Door Locks

Fire doors need to be able to grant egress in the event of an emergency that would call for people to quickly exit. They have to contain a fire into a specific area, secure property, and protect lives. The fire door lock is made of the locking mechanism, the fire door hinges, the latching technology, the closing devices, and the releasing device. THey need to be hung on hinges meant to be part of the fire door itself made of steel bearing or heavy duty steel hinges that can resist high heat pressure and intensity. They need to have an active latch bolt, but deadbolts should not be used on fire doors meant as an exit point, as they are not the necessary kind of active latch points that allow for safe egress. If you put a deadbolt on another type of fire door, make sure that it is fire resistant.

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Residential Locksmith FAQ

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Home Safety

The lock experts at Top specialize in providing superior residential locksmith installation, repair, and maintenance services. Here’s a guide to the most common questions we get asked about our services by inquiring home or apartment dwellers.


How long will it take for the technician to get to our location?

Our technician will arrive directly at your location between 15 minutes and a half an hour depending on how close your location is to our mobile locksmiths.


Do I need to know what kind of locks are installed inside my home?

Nope! Our locksmiths have a professional eye for identifying lock brands and types, and can help you remedy any issues with the utmost concern for your time and budget, as well as security.


How long would it take for a locksmith to open up a door in my home?

After our locksmiths get to your location and initially assess the issue, they can get to performing lockout services – which can range between twenty and thirty minutes depending on the lock type, lock issue, and entry method.


Will the locks in my home get damaged during the lockout process?

Probably not. The methods of door opening that our technicians utilize are safe for locks – notably picking or bump keys. However, in extreme situations, we might need to drill your lock to get the door open – in which case we will need to completely replace the lock in question.


Will my property be harmed during a safe opening?

Never ever. Top Locksmith employs experts that ensure that all of your important valuables are protected and remain without a scratch during th entire process of a safe lockout service.

Will a locksmith opening up my locked safe damage the safe’s mechanics?

Usually safes that are opened up by our locksmiths will have to be replaced, as they will no longer be able to function with the level of security that’s truly necessary to safely house your valuables.


How much does residential locksmith service usually cost?

Here at Top, we offer a wide range of services, and always work within the budget of our customers, with a flat-rate quote sent to you before a locksmith arrives at your location that will never be deviated from. Our primary goal is to provide the best locksmith services for our customers, and we will never stop working hard until we achieve it.

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Replacing Ignition Switches FAQ

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Auto Locksmith

Here at Top Locksmith we commonly get asked questions regarding the replacement of automotive ignition switches – a complex vehicular locksmith issue that seems much less straightforward than having broken keys. Here’s a guide to the most common questions about ignition switches that we get asked.


Is there a reason my car won’t start?

There’s a high likelihood that the reason your car won’t start is because it has a broken ignition switch. When cars won’t start many people usually resort to replacing the car battery, but this won’t solve the issues caused by a broken ignition switch. Ignition switch problems disrupt the power required to activate the engine when a transponder key is turned.


How can I know it’s time to replace my ignition switch?

Problems with my ignition switch disguise themselves as other issues – but the giveaway is if your car won’t start. This can happen in different ways – the car will still crank, or not at all  – but the ignition spark will be missing. In this situation you need to either repair or replace the ignition switch.


What are the chances of it being possible for me to repair my ignition switch?

This isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s a simple piece or wire that can be replaced, but this isn’t common. The decision to repair or replace will be determined by measuring the cost/availability of both options against one another. Much of the time it ends up being cheaper to replace rather than repair.


How long does an ignition switch replacement take?

With all the necessary parts and equipment on hand, this will take about 20 minutes – but the exact time will be determined by how complicated the ignition structure of your car is. Usually what’s required is simply the removal of the bolts, latches, and screws holding the ignition cover together and their replacement once the ignition is switched out.


Can locksmiths really replace ignition switches?

Absolutely. When you work with the skilled locksmiths at Top, you’re guaranteeing yourself an efficient and professional ignition switch replacement, no matter the time of day.


Do I need to find a way to transport my car to the locksmith?

Absolutely not! One of the fantastic benefits of working with Top is the fact that they utilize a team of mobile locksmith vans that come directly to your location fully equipped with all the necessary tools to fully carry out an ignition switch replacement, as well as any other kind of locksmith operation.

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Types of Safes

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locksmith Services

Types of Safes

The majority of people consider their door locks as being the single element of home security, but they don’t often consider the way that safes can effectively protect their valuables. Safes are effective in both residential and commercial settings, and are available in both cheap and expensive varieties. Here, as prepared by the safe experts at Top Locksmith, is a brief guide to the different types of safes and what they do.


Diversion Safes

This is the most rudimentary type of safe available. It’s often called a hidden safe as it’s usually made of a typical object like a can, a candle, or a book. Valuables can be hidden inside these clandestine safes and stored inconspicuously in plain sight – on a bookshelf for example.


Fire Resistant Safes

These safes protect items from high temperatures, and are rated according to the amount of time that they can withstand extreme temperatures while never exceeding a particular internal temperature, that’s usually up to 350 degrees. These safes often have a 30 minute to 240 minute amount of fire protection, and are even more effective when they are installed inside concrete floors. However, these safes aren’t always watertight, and can fill up with the water from fire hoses or sprayers, so everything stored inside fire resistant safes should be placed inside double zip dry bags or sealed plastic containers.


Wall Safes

These are usually used to hide and protect jewelry or documents, and can be installed in different wall thickness depths. Some have pry resistant doors that are recessed and have concealed hinges, and these safes can easily be hidden by covering them with furniture or a painting.


Jewelry Safes

These safes are resistant to both fire and burglary, and are usually equipped with luxurious internal jewellery compartments with fine wood and fabric that are available in multiple customizable configurations. These safes are typically smaller than others.


Burglary Resistant Safes

These safes get rated based on their ability to resist the tools that burglars typically use in a break in, and the amount of time it would normally take a burglar to get to the safe – however, they are not designed to withstand heat in the same way that a fire resistant safe is.


Environmentally Resistant Safes

These safes are resistant to specific environmental elements like dust and water, and unlike fireproof safes, they can withstand long underwater immersion without affecting the important objects inside.


Fire Resistant Record Protectors

These self contained bodies are insulated and contain singular or multiple separately rated containers with different compartments meant for the safekeeping of important records. They are rated based on criteria including impact resistance and falling distance tests.


Smart Safes

These safes are designed to validate bills or dispense cash like ATM machines, allowing customers to use them at their choice or convenience, creating the environment for a secure financial transaction.

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Broken Key Copying Questions

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locks, Locksmith

If people experience key breakage, they might wonder if it’s still possible to create a copy of it if it’s the only key left in the house. There’s tons of variables that affect the ability to make a copy of a broken key, so here’s a guide to them, as prepared by the key copying experts at Top Locksmith.


So is it possible to copy a broken key?


Yes, usually. It’s usually possible that we can gather enough information about the key’s unique structure from single parts of it in order to make a full replacement. This of course depends on what state the broken key is in. It’s important to get a qualified expert to perform this operation, as unskilled locksmiths may further damage the broken key in attempting to copy it, lessening the chances of creating a working copy.


Cost of broken key copying

This depends on variables, most importantly how much the key blank costs. The price of the key blank depends on what kind of lock it’s for, and if it’s an automobile transponder key – which requires additional transponder chip programming. Another aspect of the cost is how much extra labor the copying will take, which increases if the breaks are uneven or strange.


Should I remove the broken key from the lock before trying to copy it?

The easiest way to copy a broken key requires all pieces of the key, but sometimes a key will break off so the entire groove blade is stuck inside the lock. There’s other ways to copy keys that don’t require the entire key, but they are more difficult and expensive. A licensed locksmith can help you extract a broken key out of a lock easily whether it’s a car or a house key.


Can I copy any type of broken key?

Yes, but usually broken luxury car keys or house keys with special patented keyways only available to certain licensed sellers can give you trouble – however these keys usually are issued with a special key code card, so if you have that, there’s nothing to worry about.


Do you need both parts of a broken key to copy it?

Nope! The important thing is that you have all aspects of the key’s groove blade, although if you have the key code instead you can still make a copy. You can also copy a spare key, and if you don’t have a spare, you can decode the lock – which is a more expensive operation, but one that a truly talented locksmith expert can easily complete.


Can you copy patented broken keys?

Yes this is possible, but can be very difficult. Always get a licensed locksmith expert to carry out this operation, as patented keys can be very complex and have anti decoding measures. However, with a code card, as mentioned above, this operation will be much easier.


Can I copy a fob key?

Smart keys use digital signaling instead of a mechanical blade to open up locks. If a fob key breaks, it can’t be fixed by your typical everyday locksmith. You might need a spare key in order to make a copy – however the process of getting a new fob key will require programming of a brand new key, rather than copying an already broken one, due to it being software based.


Can you copy transponder keys?

This depends on what part of the key is broken. If the blade of the transponder key is broken it can be copied. If the transponder chip is broken, you can’t copy it, but you can replace it by programming a brand new key with the help of a working transponder signal that utilizes the diagnostics computer housed within your vehicle. Each brand of car has a different process of programming transponder keys, so as a disclaimer, the ease of replacing a broken transponder key really depends on what make and model of automobile we’re working with – however, what you should know is that regardless of the car, if you have a broken transponder key you can have a new, working one in your hands with our help.

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