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Best New Smart Home Devices

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locks

In this new year of 2017, there’s tons of fantastic options for home automation that allow people to integrate their homes with fantastic levels of convenience. However, there’s been a over-saturation of home automation devices – making it somewhat difficult for homeowners to determine what devices are the best for purchasing. Here’s Top Locksmith‘s guide to the best smart devices – so you can simplify your search.


Ring Doorbell

This doorbell fuses doorbells with a CCTV system via Wi-Fi, notifying homeowners whenever anybody presses the doorbell or walks up to the door. It’s simple to install, and heat and rain resistant. It works with a mobile application for full control from a distance, and has live streaming capabilities.


Schlage Sense Smart Lock

This smart lock detects when anybody opens the door via keypad or it’s build in key, and has a siren that sounds if the door experiences a forced entry attempt. It contains an ANSI Grade 1 deadbolt, the highest security grade in the industry. It offers full mobile control through the Schlage Sense application – and has a high degree of durability and strength to protect your home.


Nest Thermostat

This thermostat connects with all cooling and heating systems, including electric, air, solar, gas, and even geothermal. This thermostat is ‘learning’, meaning it will adapt to your habits after a few days of your custom settings, and automatically apply them, so you never have to manually set them again. It can be integrated with other smart devices, and notify you of any potential dangers inside your residence.


Amazon Echo

This device works as a speaker as well as a voice activated home automation device, that can control your front door or smart thermostat, as well as place Amazon deliveries. This is a newcomer to the game, but already immensely popular.


Phillips Hue

This lighting automation bulb allows for full control of home lighting wirelessly, with a range of customization options that include varied light intensity, as well as timing scheduling – even for separate bulbs.


iSmart Alarm

This smart home security system connects via WiFi to allow for remote access and control. It comes with a group of motion sensors and monitors that send information back to a central hub controller that notifies you if there’s any unexpected movement or entry attempts in your home. It can be easily installed, as well as programmed with any automation or scheduling rules that you may prefer.


Nest Protect

THis smoke alarm works with the Nest Thermostat, notifying you of any smoke or carbon monoxide way in advance of most normal smoke alarms. It’s easy to set up, and can be monitored via smartphone or tablet. You can choose options for wireless alarms, or even one wired into your homes existing circuits.


Nest Cam

This camera is easily installed, and has high quality video that can be watched live via smartphone. It can be connected with all other nest devices, and even offers two way voice chat, allowing you to communicate with people inside your home even when you’re not there. All it  needs is to be placed on an included stand or a wall mount, and it’s good to go.


Samsung SmartThings

This control unit can work with multiple home automation devices, and can be programmed with customizable automation protocols that link up various control factors through multiple devices. It’s strong back up battery and full connectivity with Amazon Echo, Apple Watch, and many different devices allows homeowners maximum convenience to control an array of home automation devices from a single location.


Belkin WeMo

This device plugs into power outlets and allows for remote control of any plug-in appliance, from toasters and lights, to televisions. You can program times for devices to turn on and off, to save on your electric bill, and it can be pared with other home automation devices – with pretty much infinite potential configurations.


Honda Miimo

This lawn mowing machine basically cuts grass on your lawn for you. Simply program it, put it down, and it will automatically mow your lawn while avoiding any obstacles. It’s pretty amazing to see us moving closer to a time when automated and robotic devices will eliminate the need for human labor in simple household tasks.

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