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Broken Key Copying Questions

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locks, Locksmith

If people experience key breakage, they might wonder if it’s still possible to create a copy of it if it’s the only key left in the house. There’s tons of variables that affect the ability to make a copy of a broken key, so here’s a guide to them, as prepared by the key copying experts at Top Locksmith.


So is it possible to copy a broken key?


Yes, usually. It’s usually possible that we can gather enough information about the key’s unique structure from single parts of it in order to make a full replacement. This of course depends on what state the broken key is in. It’s important to get a qualified expert to perform this operation, as unskilled locksmiths may further damage the broken key in attempting to copy it, lessening the chances of creating a working copy.


Cost of broken key copying

This depends on variables, most importantly how much the key blank costs. The price of the key blank depends on what kind of lock it’s for, and if it’s an automobile transponder key – which requires additional transponder chip programming. Another aspect of the cost is how much extra labor the copying will take, which increases if the breaks are uneven or strange.


Should I remove the broken key from the lock before trying to copy it?

The easiest way to copy a broken key requires all pieces of the key, but sometimes a key will break off so the entire groove blade is stuck inside the lock. There’s other ways to copy keys that don’t require the entire key, but they are more difficult and expensive. A licensed locksmith can help you extract a broken key out of a lock easily whether it’s a car or a house key.


Can I copy any type of broken key?

Yes, but usually broken luxury car keys or house keys with special patented keyways only available to certain licensed sellers can give you trouble – however these keys usually are issued with a special key code card, so if you have that, there’s nothing to worry about.


Do you need both parts of a broken key to copy it?

Nope! The important thing is that you have all aspects of the key’s groove blade, although if you have the key code instead you can still make a copy. You can also copy a spare key, and if you don’t have a spare, you can decode the lock – which is a more expensive operation, but one that a truly talented locksmith expert can easily complete.


Can you copy patented broken keys?

Yes this is possible, but can be very difficult. Always get a licensed locksmith expert to carry out this operation, as patented keys can be very complex and have anti decoding measures. However, with a code card, as mentioned above, this operation will be much easier.


Can I copy a fob key?

Smart keys use digital signaling instead of a mechanical blade to open up locks. If a fob key breaks, it can’t be fixed by your typical everyday locksmith. You might need a spare key in order to make a copy – however the process of getting a new fob key will require programming of a brand new key, rather than copying an already broken one, due to it being software based.


Can you copy transponder keys?

This depends on what part of the key is broken. If the blade of the transponder key is broken it can be copied. If the transponder chip is broken, you can’t copy it, but you can replace it by programming a brand new key with the help of a working transponder signal that utilizes the diagnostics computer housed within your vehicle. Each brand of car has a different process of programming transponder keys, so as a disclaimer, the ease of replacing a broken transponder key really depends on what make and model of automobile we’re working with – however, what you should know is that regardless of the car, if you have a broken transponder key you can have a new, working one in your hands with our help.

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