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Lock Snapping

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Lock Snapping isn’t an unfamiliar term to those who have been victimized through this burglary technique. In 2016, burglars have become much more skilled and sophisticated in their techniques, and will do almost anything to get access to your home at take your belongings. Many security system companies will invest in electronic security systems to help minimize the risks of burglary. Burglars have also made a close study of how euro cylinders work, so they can make sure that their break-in skills are at the top level possible.


Lock snapping, also known as cylinder snapping, basically involves the breakage of the euro cylinder, and manipulation of the lock system to allow people access to your home or business. Many people are reassured by their door’s multiple locking points – while this is somewhat beneficial, it definitely doesn’t make your door totally secure. As long as there’s a cylinder in your lock system, it can absolutely be compromised. Here’s how to prevent becoming a victim of lock snapping:


Pay for Extra Security Technology

Many locksmiths and lock experts have developed many gadgets that can add extra layers of security to homes and businesses. These products can be found in many local stores, or provided by locksmiths, and can make your cylinders snap resistant. The highly complex level of their design is constantly being tweaked and improved on to help prevent break ins.


Look into Integrated Alarm Infrastructure

Lock snapping doesn’t happen unless the criminal exerts some serious effort into it. By investing in an integrated alarm system, any attempts by the burglar to snap off the locks will be interrupted by an alarm that sounds to scare them off, as well as calling the local law enforcement agency. The integration of these alarm systems should be accomplished in a way that nobody else is aware of where the main network connections are placed – so they can try to deactivate the alarm. Once it’s successfully installed, any attempt to force or move the lock will raise the alarm.


Choose Lock Systems made of High Grade Material

Cylinders can be made of a great variety of materials, from aluminum to steel. If you choose a snap resistant material, you will surely be able to ensure the intactness of your lock, and prevent burglaries. Some of the really superior cylinders can be quite expensive, but we guarantee it’s worth it, because it’s more of a guarantee of security – and peace of mind.

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