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Safe Rooms

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Safe Room

Safe rooms are areas where people can go in situations of danger, whether the context is weather, terrorism, or crime related. These rooms are installed inside commercial businesses or private residences to protect people in the event of any sort of threat, and they often contain equipment in order to speak to authorities in the event of any sort of emergency.


What makes a safe room?


Safe rooms are usually made of an exterior grade metal door with a solid core, a strong deadbolt, and strike plate protected, long hinged screws to protect it from being battered. Alarm systems, access controls, security cameras, and even a peephole can all be implemented.


These rooms are often stocked with survival gear like blankets, water, food, flashlights, self-defense tools, and a portable toilet. They can be ventilated with an external system, and can be connected to safety shafts. They can be built with concrete walls, which is an option that isn’t feasible in wood frame buildings (unless it’s in the basement, or if the building is structurally reinforced.)


Depending on the specific intentions for the safe room, it could be built with extra protection for varying circumstances, like storm-resistance for extreme winds and flying debris. They can be hidden in non-descript locations, even behind decoy objects or furniture.

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