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Locksmith Cash Saving Tips

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Lockout Services, Locksmith Tips

Everyone loves to save money, and the expert locksmiths at Top are always seeking new ways to help our valued customers save cash. Here’s a few of our tips.


  • Get a spare key before you need to get one.

If you ever lose your keys, you’re always going to think about all the missed opportunities you had to create a spare key when it was still convenient. Now, it’s not going to be as easy as simply getting an existing key copied. So while you do have your home, business, ro car keys, make sure to call your local locksmith to create a duplicate so you can always have a spare on hand in case the original breaks or is lost. Getting a key copied or duplicated costs a fraction of what it costs to have a locksmith create a brand new key for you.

  • Try getting locks rekeyed rather than completely changed.

For amateur locksmiths, who rely on misinformation, it’s somewhat easier to change locks completely, rather than simply rekeying them. THis is the way they get to charge customers extra money, for unnecessary services. Rekeying basically consists of replacing a lock’s inner cylinder to allow for a new key to be used along with it, rendering previous keys not working – and for the experts at Top locksmith, this is a simple, efficient, and (luckily for our customers!) both cheap and effective operation.

  • Keep Locks Well Maintained.

If a lock is sticking, simply spray a little WD-40 in it, and slide the key in and out of it, and it will likely be good as new. There’s many ways that you can keep locks operating well all by yourself.

  • Save Cash on Surveillance.

If you’re looking to deter any potential trespassers or burglars, hang up a surveillance sign or consider installing a surveillance camera that looks 100% authentic, including motion and a blinking light. Motion activated cameras, if you do opt to install a real one, are often the most ideal balance between affordability and effectiveness.

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