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Types of Security Safes

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Safes Installation, Security Tips


There’s many kinds of security safes available on the market today for both residential and commercial use. Based on what your specific context is, you can choose security safes with additional features like fireproofing, or choose a more simple layout. Here’s a guide to some of the many main categories of security safes on the market today.

Office Safes

Safes in commercial office locations can vary from different sizes or exact functionality, based on the needs of the business. Some safes are massive and can hold large quantities of cash, important sensitive documents, electronic equipment, or other valuable items. Some other commercial locations may opt for a somewhat smaller safe that can hold day to day earnings.


Wall Safes

Wall safes, as you may have inferred, go inside the walls of residential or commercial locations. They protect all valuables or important documents safe from burglars, but they should also be officially rated as protecting them from water and fire, in the event of a fire or flood. Once you decide on the ideal size and specific features that you need, you should consult with a professional safe installer regarding the best location inside your home or business to install the safe. It’s common to place a picture, art, or furniture over the face of the safe in order to disguise it from unknowing passersby.


Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes vary in terms of their heat ratings – based on how long the contents of the safe and it’s internal temperature can resist growing beyond 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fireproof safes are rated on a scale of 1 to 3, numbers which demonstrate how many hours it’s inside will stay below 350 degrees in the event of a fire.


Gun Safes

These safes are meant to prevent unwanted people from having access to guns that are kept inside residences or businesses. They are available in a wide range of sizes that can accommodate many different firearms, from small pistols to big shotguns. The locking mechanisms on these safes vary wildly, and can include combo locks, deadbolts, electronic codes locks, or even biometric locks. The majority of high quality gun safes also boast fireproof ratings.

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Underrated Security Strategies


There’s tons of home security and safety strategies readily available to anybody with internet access. Most of these strategies are definitely effective, however some burglars are aware of these strategies already, so it might not always work as well as you may want them to. It’s true, that even many deterrents won’t prevent extremely skilled or knowledgeable burglars from coming into your property. But if you follow the below strange security strategies, it greatly minimizes the chances of it happening; this is all due to the outlandish and creative aspects of these strategies.


Don’t Utilize Nightstands

Many burglars assume that weapons and valuables are stored in bedside nightstands or dressers – basically using a nearby piece of furniture as a form of improvised safe or deposit box. We urge you not to do this, because it’s a widely common space familiar to burglars. Perhaps consider storing valuables inside a high up cabinet in a child’s room, as the majority of burglars won’t assume that there’s valuable items stored there, especially if they are in a rush to leave your property quickly. It’s of course, not smart to put weapons in children’s rooms, but everything else is somewhat of a smart idea, especially if you can store items on a level too high for children to reach.


Fake Signs

Even if you don’t have an alarm system in your home, make sure to buy home security signs, because they work as excellent passive deterrents. You can easily find these signs online or at hardware stores, with a plethora of available branding – it’s cheap, and effective.


Move around alarm locations

The most common area for security alarms to be placed is inside the door closest to the front entrance of the home – this is meant to increase convenience for anybody coming into the home. However this is a major security floor, especially if there’s windows nearby the entranceway – as a criminal can easily break through the window and disable the alarm; we recommend, instead, to install an alarm system a bit farther away from the entrance way.


Car Key Strategies

If one does have a situation where a burglar enters their home, the most obvious reaction would be to call the police from your cellphone, perhaps a phone kept nearby your bed or nightstand. We recommend keeping your car keys on hand, so if you do end up hearing a burglar in your home, you can quickly set off your car alarm, which will likely spook and scare off the burglars.

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Keeping Door Locks Working Correctly

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locks, Locks Installation, Locksmith


Door locks are the last defensive barrier that keeps your family safe from potential burglars. Most people don’t know that locks require a high degree of maintenance, similar to every other home based mechanical system. Regardless of what type of high security lock you have in your home, by following these tips you can make sure that every single door is operating at peak condition.


Keep locks clean and well lubricated

Few people know that door locks need to be periodically cleaned out – but only with the right tools. On an annual basis, lubricate doors with a graphite lubricant or dry lubricant. Spray the lubricant inside the lock, and move a key inside and outside it a few times to get rid of any excess gunk. Door locks should be wiped down with a wet rag every now and then in order to remove dust that can accumulate and clog it up. We don’t recommend using any other sort of cleaner rather than a gentle detergent, because it can take off the lock’s finish and damage it. High security locks, biometric locks, keyless door locks, and electronic locks usually come with specific cleaning procedures, so make sure to only clean it according to the specifications that came with it – and if you don’t know these, contact the manufacturer to ask.


Make key copies

Whenever you get a brand new lock installed, save one of the original keys in order to make copies. Keys usually experience wear and tear before locks do, and usually key replacements are warranted – but as your keys wear, it’s structure can shift, and if it is then copied, the new key won’t as work as well with the door as it should. If you want a truly functioning key, make sure to keep an extra copy of the original in order to make copies.


Hang and properly align doors

If your door is attached improperly, it’s lock will not fully activate, or may not work at all. Small misalignments in door hanging can be subtle and hard to notice, but even the smallest misalignment is magnified within the lock as pressure, warping, and mechanical distortion. If your door is binding or sagging, it puts way too much stress on the lock, and eventually causes issues that can prevent you from entering or exiting your home through that door. It’s important to notice that the space between the door frame and the door itself are consistently even throughout the perimeter of the door, and is less than 1/4th of an inch wide.

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Benefits of Using a Keypad Lock

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locks, Locks Installation


There’s many benefits for consumers in using a keypad lock as opposed to a normal door lock. Today, the amount of homes that use keypad locks are increasing – even to rival their usage by commercial locations!

Keypad locks have become commercial and residential lifesavers due to their plethora of practical benefits. A few of the major benefits of using keypad locks in home or business settings are:

A lack of need to carry keys

Keypad locks are keyless  meaning the process of locking one is very different than the typical door locking technique. Keypad locks almost work like machines or dispensers at a bank – all you need to do is type in your specific keypad access code that only you know in order to unlock or lock your doors. There’s zero need to worry about misplaced, lost, or stolen keys – or even a need to remember where you placed them in the first place.

Serious home security improvements

All keypad locking mechanisms are built with advanced machinery, making it nearly impossible for criminals to break into your home. Business and residential owners of property will never have to worry about burglaries again – since the only individuals who will have the ability to enter their home are those who know the custom access code.

Customizable Access Codes

We just want to stress that these locks offer users the options to program in their own custom access codes; you won’t have to worry about the brand providing default codes that make rounds within the community, that burglars might get their hands on. With the ability to program in custom codes of infinite length and complexity, you can ensure that your doors are as secure as they ever have been.

Simplicity and Durability

These locks are made out of advanced technology with an emphasis on ergonomics, aesthetics, and practicality. You can trust in your keypad lock to provide you years of faithful reliability, making them a perfect choice for homeowners seeking a lock that’s both easy to install, and will last them for years to come.

Wireless Keypad Installations in Baltimore, Bethesda, and Maryland

There’s a major amount of specific designs for keypad locks on the market today. It’s important to ensure that you’re installing locks made by a professional brand, from a professional installation provider if you truly want to end up with a lock that will both be reliable and provide lasting service. If you’re looking for true professionals to install your keypad locks, look no further than Top Locksmith, the best lock installation and repair service throughout the entire Baltimore County region.

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Lock Snapping

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Lock snapping


Lock Snapping isn’t an unfamiliar term to those who have been victimized through this burglary technique. In 2016, burglars have become much more skilled and sophisticated in their techniques, and will do almost anything to get access to your home at take your belongings. Many security system companies will invest in electronic security systems to help minimize the risks of burglary. Burglars have also made a close study of how euro cylinders work, so they can make sure that their break-in skills are at the top level possible.


Lock snapping, also known as cylinder snapping, basically involves the breakage of the euro cylinder, and manipulation of the lock system to allow people access to your home or business. Many people are reassured by their door’s multiple locking points – while this is somewhat beneficial, it definitely doesn’t make your door totally secure. As long as there’s a cylinder in your lock system, it can absolutely be compromised. Here’s how to prevent becoming a victim of lock snapping:


Pay for Extra Security Technology

Many locksmiths and lock experts have developed many gadgets that can add extra layers of security to homes and businesses. These products can be found in many local stores, or provided by locksmiths, and can make your cylinders snap resistant. The highly complex level of their design is constantly being tweaked and improved on to help prevent break ins.


Look into Integrated Alarm Infrastructure

Lock snapping doesn’t happen unless the criminal exerts some serious effort into it. By investing in an integrated alarm system, any attempts by the burglar to snap off the locks will be interrupted by an alarm that sounds to scare them off, as well as calling the local law enforcement agency. The integration of these alarm systems should be accomplished in a way that nobody else is aware of where the main network connections are placed – so they can try to deactivate the alarm. Once it’s successfully installed, any attempt to force or move the lock will raise the alarm.


Choose Lock Systems made of High Grade Material

Cylinders can be made of a great variety of materials, from aluminum to steel. If you choose a snap resistant material, you will surely be able to ensure the intactness of your lock, and prevent burglaries. Some of the really superior cylinders can be quite expensive, but we guarantee it’s worth it, because it’s more of a guarantee of security – and peace of mind.

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Locksmith Scams

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locksmith Scams, Locksmith Services


Living in a large city like Baltimore, Bethesda, or Annapolis has it’s benefits – there’s tons of culture, and you can find almost any service that you need whenever you need it. That being said, finding an emergency locksmith at all hours of the night should be no problem at all – however, finding a trustworthy locksmith is a bit more tricky. Recently, scam locksmith companies have been swindling their customers out of their hard earned money, by overpricing their services in a method similar to highway robbery. Top Locksmiths is one of the few trustworthy and reputable locksmiths in Maryland that guarantee you legitimacy, professionalism, and a fair price. Since there’s tons of fake locksmiths out there today, it’s best to study the following tips so you can know how to spot them and protect yourself.


Always check the name and address

If you’ve performed a search for a locksmith company, and the one you’ve found doesn’t have a listed address, keep on looking. This is an initial red flag that signals the illegitimacy of their business. If they have an address online, search it with a maps application – we suggest using Google Street View to look at the physical address – if it looks like an abandoned building or an empty lot, it’s likely the locksmith is a scam operation.


Always get a Quote

A reputable locksmith will be able to provide you a quote over the phone once you explain to them your situation and what sort of service you require. A locksmith who has experience should be able to give you an over the phone estimate before they arrive – and if they can’t it’s likely that it’s a scam – and you shouldn’t continue talking to them. Of course, if they provide you a strangely high or low quote amount,c all a few other locksmiths to see what the average cost for that service is – so you know whether or not they are trying to scam you.


Always ask the name of the Technician

Make sure to ask the locksmith, when you’re speaking with them over the phone, what the name of the technician who will be deployed to your location is. This is a simple request which should be very easy to answer – and if they can’t give you the name of the technician, you should find another locksmith. If you decide to work with them – once the technician arrives, ask them for identification before they start any work, and make sure to identify some form of company logo on the vehicle that they arrive in.


Take a close look at their Website

A great way of finding out if a locksmith is legitimate or a scam is by simply looking at their company website. If it’s very basic, without any information, it’s likely a fake locksmith. Search for information like contact addresses and numbers, and inspect their service pages to make sure it looks somewhat professional before you give them a call.


If you’re still unsure if the company is legitimate, why not drop all the worries and give Top Locksmith a call! We give our customers the ultimate in professional expert service, with incredibly fast response times, and a level of efficiency only available due to our rampant expertise.

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Safe Rooms

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Business Security, Safe Rooms

Safe Room

Safe rooms are areas where people can go in situations of danger, whether the context is weather, terrorism, or crime related. These rooms are installed inside commercial businesses or private residences to protect people in the event of any sort of threat, and they often contain equipment in order to speak to authorities in the event of any sort of emergency.


What makes a safe room?


Safe rooms are usually made of an exterior grade metal door with a solid core, a strong deadbolt, and strike plate protected, long hinged screws to protect it from being battered. Alarm systems, access controls, security cameras, and even a peephole can all be implemented.


These rooms are often stocked with survival gear like blankets, water, food, flashlights, self-defense tools, and a portable toilet. They can be ventilated with an external system, and can be connected to safety shafts. They can be built with concrete walls, which is an option that isn’t feasible in wood frame buildings (unless it’s in the basement, or if the building is structurally reinforced.)


Depending on the specific intentions for the safe room, it could be built with extra protection for varying circumstances, like storm-resistance for extreme winds and flying debris. They can be hidden in non-descript locations, even behind decoy objects or furniture.

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Pool Owners and Home Safety

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Pool Safety

Pool Safety

Lately, pool owners have been investing in safety/security technology that makes home swimming pools much safer for children. This starts outside the pool. The best way to prevent injuries is to control pool access with gate doors. Gates that lead into pool or spa areas should be equipped with an automatically locking latch and closer, at least 5 feet tall. The latch must automatically lock the gate when it closes, and should be placed as high on the gate as possible, to prevent any children or smart animals from opening it.

The state of Arizona requires these gates to be at least 54 inches high, and be self closing as well as self latching. Locksmiths should understand the basic requirements for installing gate mechanisms since there’s no window for mistakes when lives are at stake.

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Pet Safety

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locksmith Services

pet safety

Security doesn’t always apply to preventing burglaries; sometimes it applies to keeping pets securely in your property. Your pets are their most safe when they remain in your home – although many animals have wild instincts, the common cats and dogs are domesticated and cannot survive by themselves in the world. Of course, the pet security protocols will vary based on what pet you have, where your home is, what your schedule is, etc… – if you have more than one pet, you’ll need to have multiple levels of security. In this blog post, I’ll detail some of the ways that you can make your home safe for your animal companions as well as yourself.



Depending on what kind of pet you have, there may be more or less of an escape risk. Most animals can slip in between spaces in fences – so you need to make sure that your fences are high enough to prevent jumping, doesn’t have too large of a gap at the base, and can’t be digged out from under. Most fences require a bit of experimentation and trial and error.

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Beach Safety and Security


While the beach is one of the most relaxing locations for almost everyone, it’s still really important to be aware of your personal belongings while you’re enjoying the surf and sun. Burglars definitely commonly take advantage of the relaxed state that many people are in when they visit the beach, commonly swiping and stealing wallets, purses, or entire backpacks. In this blog entry, I’ll provide a guide to the essentials of beach security – by familiarizing yourself on what to watch out for, and what to be aware of you will greatly mitigate the chances that you might become the victim of beach theft.


Protecting your Belongings

  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended, or in plain open site when you’re at the beach. If you’re leaving anything inside your car, leave it inside the trunk just to be safe.
  • Bring as little valuables with you as possible. Jewelry or expensive cameras should be left at home – or if you’re on vacation, put them inside your hotel safe.) When you’re at the beach all you really need to take is your ID, whatever cash you might need throughout the day, and your credit card.
  • If you’re going to the beach alone, get a waterproof pouch for your phone and cash that you can take out swimming with you. Make sure to test that it works before trying it with your phone.
  • If you’re just taking a quick dip and don’t want to carry your things with you, consider cleaning out an empty sunscreen bottle and filling it with your keys, cash, cards, or anything that you don’t want to bring in the water with you.
  • Don’t carry an expensive looking or blatantly designer backpack or beach bag.


Protect Your Body

  • Make sure to look at the tide before you go in the water. Rip currents are indicated by brown water (from the sand being moved), heavy debris floating out towards the ocean, and a patch of extreme ripples with calm water all around it. If you get caught in a riptide, swim towards it’s side to escape it rather quickly – never swim against it.
  • Inflatable toys aren’t the safest on the beach, so if you’re using them make sure that someone is looking out for you.
  • Make sure to stay hydrated and use a waterproof sunscreen with broad UV spectrum protection – at least an SPF 30.


Familiarize yourself with your Vacation Environment

  • If you’re going to a beach you’ve never been before or one in a foreign country, make sure to understand the local customs. In Brazil, for example, people don’t bring towels to the beach. They use Brazillian sarongs to lay on the sand. If you don’t want to draw attention to the fact you’re a tourist, leave the towel at your hotel.
  • Make sure to be on your best and clearest level of judgement and awareness if you visit the beach after dark – and make sure to take the advice of any locals who recommend avoiding certain areas.
  • Always observe local customs as to appropriate public dress and behavior while you’re on the beach. Two-Piece bikinis, while considered fine in many areas, are totally taboo in some countries, and wearing one will draw a lot of negative attention. Make sure to research the beach you’re going to before you stake your shore spot.
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