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Replacing Ignition Switches FAQ

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Auto Locksmith

Here at Top Locksmith we commonly get asked questions regarding the replacement of automotive ignition switches – a complex vehicular locksmith issue that seems much less straightforward than having broken keys. Here’s a guide to the most common questions about ignition switches that we get asked.


Is there a reason my car won’t start?

There’s a high likelihood that the reason your car won’t start is because it has a broken ignition switch. When cars won’t start many people usually resort to replacing the car battery, but this won’t solve the issues caused by a broken ignition switch. Ignition switch problems disrupt the power required to activate the engine when a transponder key is turned.


How can I know it’s time to replace my ignition switch?

Problems with my ignition switch disguise themselves as other issues – but the giveaway is if your car won’t start. This can happen in different ways – the car will still crank, or not at all  – but the ignition spark will be missing. In this situation you need to either repair or replace the ignition switch.


What are the chances of it being possible for me to repair my ignition switch?

This isn’t always easy. Sometimes there’s a simple piece or wire that can be replaced, but this isn’t common. The decision to repair or replace will be determined by measuring the cost/availability of both options against one another. Much of the time it ends up being cheaper to replace rather than repair.


How long does an ignition switch replacement take?

With all the necessary parts and equipment on hand, this will take about 20 minutes – but the exact time will be determined by how complicated the ignition structure of your car is. Usually what’s required is simply the removal of the bolts, latches, and screws holding the ignition cover together and their replacement once the ignition is switched out.


Can locksmiths really replace ignition switches?

Absolutely. When you work with the skilled locksmiths at Top, you’re guaranteeing yourself an efficient and professional ignition switch replacement, no matter the time of day.


Do I need to find a way to transport my car to the locksmith?

Absolutely not! One of the fantastic benefits of working with Top is the fact that they utilize a team of mobile locksmith vans that come directly to your location fully equipped with all the necessary tools to fully carry out an ignition switch replacement, as well as any other kind of locksmith operation.

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