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Spring Security

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Security Tips

Now that spring is finally in the air, we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the warm weather. Everyone is eager to make their outdoor plans, with beach weather looming on the horizon. You might be noticing an increase in walking street traffic, or just people hanging outdoors, pumped up to revitalize their daily lifestyles after a cold winter. We can all agree that warm weather is fantastic. However, it can also come with a range of serious security concerns. If you want to keep your residential or commercial property safe during warm weather, it’s essential that you practice good security tactics. A talented residential and commercial locksmith can help ensure that your home remains safe, utilizing some of the below tactics.


Spring Cleaning Security Concerns

Spring cleaning is a universal practice where people start to spruce up and revitalize their spaces once the weather starts to heat up. It’s a fantastic practice because not only does it make you feel good in the moment, but it has a whole slew of practical long term benefits. However, there are a number of serious security concerns related to spring cleaning – as the process usually involves the moving of belongings inside and out of your home or businesses, potentially providing a temptation to passing criminals. This is absolutely a risk that should be addressed, even if it sounds overcautious. If you’re trying to keep your home or business secure during your spring cleaning, you might want to follow the below tips:

  • Don’t leave any items alone on the curb without anybody guarding them
  • Place all old or precious items into black plastic garbage bags to mitigate the temptation they might pose to passing criminals
  • Bring older items that you want to dispose of to local charities
  • Don’t put brand new purchase boxes on the curb where people can easily see them


General Post Winter Security Upkeep

Locks are vulnerable to general deterioration due to weather. Locks freezing during the winter can cause them to not be as dependable or useable that they were previously. This can pose major security concerns to you and your property. If you’re at all concerned that your locks suffered damage during the previous winter, you should contact the experts at Top Locksmith, who can provide you with the highest quality in lock repair service, or replace locks that are beyond useable with a brand new functional one. Contact us directly to set up an appointment – we recommend doing so during the month of April, before the warm weather really ramps up, and before the burglaries increase as more and more people pass your property on the street – or even leave their property on Spring and Summer breaks.

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