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Keeping Door Locks Working Correctly

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Door locks are the last defensive barrier that keeps your family safe from potential burglars. Most people don’t know that locks require a high degree of maintenance, similar to every other home based mechanical system. Regardless of what type of high security lock you have in your home, by following these tips you can make sure that every single door is operating at peak condition.


Keep locks clean and well lubricated

Few people know that door locks need to be periodically cleaned out – but only with the right tools. On an annual basis, lubricate doors with a graphite lubricant or dry lubricant. Spray the lubricant inside the lock, and move a key inside and outside it a few times to get rid of any excess gunk. Door locks should be wiped down with a wet rag every now and then in order to remove dust that can accumulate and clog it up. We don’t recommend using any other sort of cleaner rather than a gentle detergent, because it can take off the lock’s finish and damage it. High security locks, biometric locks, keyless door locks, and electronic locks usually come with specific cleaning procedures, so make sure to only clean it according to the specifications that came with it – and if you don’t know these, contact the manufacturer to ask.


Make key copies

Whenever you get a brand new lock installed, save one of the original keys in order to make copies. Keys usually experience wear and tear before locks do, and usually key replacements are warranted – but as your keys wear, it’s structure can shift, and if it is then copied, the new key won’t as work as well with the door as it should. If you want a truly functioning key, make sure to keep an extra copy of the original in order to make copies.


Hang and properly align doors

If your door is attached improperly, it’s lock will not fully activate, or may not work at all. Small misalignments in door hanging can be subtle and hard to notice, but even the smallest misalignment is magnified within the lock as pressure, warping, and mechanical distortion. If your door is binding or sagging, it puts way too much stress on the lock, and eventually causes issues that can prevent you from entering or exiting your home through that door. It’s important to notice that the space between the door frame and the door itself are consistently even throughout the perimeter of the door, and is less than 1/4th of an inch wide.

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Five High-Security Door Locks

five high security door locks

High security door locks are imperative for some businesses and personal residences. They are the barrier between you and the outer world. And that barrier is vital. If you need such added protection we understand, we know the importance of security. These 5 high-security door locks will give you that unprecedented security and they’ll be sure to improve your existing or previous locks.


Medeco Logic Deadbolt

Medeco has supplied the best high-security locks on the market. This Medeco Logic Deadbolt is incredible. The lock exceeds the ANSI Grade 1 standard for an auxiliary lock. It’s resistant to wrenching, prying, bumping and hammering attacks. And, it has a one inch throw hardened steel bolt to prevent crowbar attacks. Medeco is one of the best lock brands on the market. Here are some of its features.

  • ANSI Grade 1

  • Controlled Access-electronically programed keys

  • Data of entry and exit, user and guest

  • Electronic rekeying

  • Advanced Medeco Software

  • Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks

  • Large thumb turn provides ease of use by physically challenged individuals.

  • Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type attacks



With 67 years of experience, Kwikset has produced a stylish new e-lock called Kēvo. E-keys are great because they improve upon the disadvantages that traditional keys have. You cannot lose them. The highest security door locks should be up to the grade, but they should also not be subject to break in when a key is compromised. Check out the specs bellow.

  • Send an e-key to anyone, wherever they are and at any time.

  • Temporarily disable or permanently delete a user from the Kēvo system.

  • E-keys have no expiration.

  • Traditional keys, and key fobs are available

  • Access is as simple as touching the lock with your hand- as the device recognizes your presence.

Usage Tracking

  • See who sent or accepted an e-key

  • See who was enabled or disabled access

  • See who was deleted from the Kēvo system

  • See real-time push notifications


Maxum Residential Deadbolt

The Medeco Maxum Residential is another one of their locks which exceeds the ANSI Grade 1 standard. The features of this lock are in line with the other Medeco Logic Deadbolt, but this particular lock has more of a mechanical focus than electrical. But, like the above, there is no way a key can be duplicated without proper authorization. This is definitely one of the top locks out there. Here’s what it boasts.

  • ANSI Grade 1

  • Controlled Access-electronically programmed keys

  • Data of entry and exit, user and guest

  • Electronic rekeying

  • Advanced Medeco Software

  • Solid brass collar spins under pressure to prevent wrench attacks

  • Large thumb turn provides ease of use by physically challenged individuals.

  • Steel shroud over bolt protects against “ice pick” type attacks


EVVA MCS Technology

EVVA began its locksmithing prowess in 1919. The MCS (Magnetic Code System) is based on one magnetic end and two mechanical coding. The cylinder plug to the apparatus has eight rotating magnet rotors which each have 4 corresponding magnet pills in the key. For a mechanical lock, this is a stellar model. It’s great against ware resistance and it’s definitely a top notch lock.

  •    Each lock and each key are unique to each other..

  •    Triple security levels of coding.

  •    Technological, organizational and legal key protection.

  •    Modular designed body

  •    Samarium cobalt 5 permanent magnets ensure a long service life. They cannot be re-magnetized or

  •    De-magnetized using conventional methods.

  •     Wear resistant.


980 Single Cylinder Deadbolt


Kwikset’s 980 cylinder deadbolt is not only physically appealing, but it’s absolutely rugged. The lock makes our list for the top 5 security locks.

  • Adjustable latch & deadbolt to fit all standard door preparations

  • BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified deadbolt

  • Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty

  • SmartKey® Re-key Technology. Rekey the lock in seconds.

  • SmartKey cylinders with stainless steel side locking bar, racks and pins for increased strength and security


These high-security door locks should be installed for the most ambitious security reasons. Several of them are not too price-heavy and should be quite affordable to track-down and install yourselves if you set the time aside. For the best door locks, check out these.  

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