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Power Outage Home Security

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Security Tips

Winter storms can often cause power outages that leaves thousands of residences and businesses without power. Blackouts and power outages are often considered an ideal time to commit burglaries and other crimes that would normally not be attempted under normal power conditions. This is why it’s a smart approach to reinforce your home or business with security standards from Top Locksmith that will keep you safe and protected in the event of a power outage.


Lighting and Crime

The darkness that occurs during a power outage can seem incredibly jarring, and when you factor in the increase in crime, burgalry, and looting, it can be quite scary. At Top Locksmith, we maintain a commitment to keeping your residential and commercial locations safe and secure 24/7, including during power outages. Our locksmith can provide you with a range of security options at an affordable price that will protect your location during any form of power outage, including:

  • Digital and Biometric Locks
  • High Security Deadbolts
  • Security Systems
  • CCTV Systems


  • Safes
  • Buzzers
  • Wireless Locks with Extended Backup Battery


24/7 Service

If your home or business experiences a break-in during a power outage, Top Locksmith’s experts can be on site within 20 minutes to rectify any security flaws in your system that may have allowed a burglary to occur. We will provide a free security consultation and full inspection to analyze every aspect of your property that can use extra protection. We think nobody should feel uneasy inside their home or business, even during power outages, and by working with a professional company like Top Locksmith you can feel safe 24/7, no matter what happens.


Staying Prepared for Power Outages

Aside from enlisting the expert service of Top Locksmith, if you experience a power outage or blackout, we recommend sticking to following these easy tips:

  • Always keep a convenient bag filled with blackout supplies including: flashlights, blankets, a battery powered radio, candles, food, water, and a first aid kit.
  • Make sure your vehicle is always fully fueled, and make sure to conserve whatever fuel you do have.
  • Consider purchasing a backup electric generator in order to keep certain essentials plugged in and running.
  • Make sure that you have options for charging your phone including external power banks or even a car charger.
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