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Push Button Car Keys

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Auto Locksmith

In 2017, many car companies have gotten rid of the need for car keys at all. Of course, it’s essential that car owners have a way of starting and stopping a car’s engine, but is a metallic physical key totally necessary. Many automobile makers are including push to start ignition buttons in their cars, and around 70 percent of modern vehicles have keyless car fobs that need to be present on the driver’s body in order to allow for the vehicle to get locked, unlocked, or started. Key fobs are convenient options for drivers since they get rid of the need for drivers to search around for keys in dark or rainy weather, or while they are carrying any heavy packages that might make searching for keys difficult. Vehicles are much harder to steal since burglars won’t have the keyless fob on them, and by eliminating the need for inserting a key into the ignition, you can eliminate the need to periodically refurbish or check up on your ignition.

Metal Keys – a disappearing phenomenon?

So will metal keys go the way of the dinosaurs and dodo bird, as well as the countless expert key cutters and locksmiths who make their creation and maintenance a cornerstone of their special work? No, actually. The expert automobile locksmiths at Top Locksmith have predicted this trend, and have trained to master keyless car fobs just as well as classic metallic car keys. Keyless fobs require programming specific to the vehicle they are matched with, and our expert technicians have all the necessary experience and equipment to program, reprogram, or repair any key fob that may be giving you issues.

Keyless Fobs

Keyless fobs provide additional layers of security for cars, since they make it much harder for a criminal to steal the vehicle – as even if the car is hotwired or the ignition is picked, they still we be unable to start the car without the presence of the electronic key fob. For any of the countless people worried about accidents being caused by broken ignition switches, those with keyless fobs won’t have to worry at all about a improperly installed ignition causing any accidents. A recent consumer study by AutoPacific revealed that keyless ignitions are the 5th most highly desired vehicular upgrade of 2016 – and since many people are absolutely fine paying for any safety upgrade like air bags or backing-up cameras, you can be sure that automobile manufacturers will continue listening to their demands and begin to include push button ignition technology in most new cars.

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