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Residential Locksmith FAQ

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Home Safety

The lock experts at Top specialize in providing superior residential locksmith installation, repair, and maintenance services. Here’s a guide to the most common questions we get asked about our services by inquiring home or apartment dwellers.


How long will it take for the technician to get to our location?

Our technician will arrive directly at your location between 15 minutes and a half an hour depending on how close your location is to our mobile locksmiths.


Do I need to know what kind of locks are installed inside my home?

Nope! Our locksmiths have a professional eye for identifying lock brands and types, and can help you remedy any issues with the utmost concern for your time and budget, as well as security.


How long would it take for a locksmith to open up a door in my home?

After our locksmiths get to your location and initially assess the issue, they can get to performing lockout services – which can range between twenty and thirty minutes depending on the lock type, lock issue, and entry method.


Will the locks in my home get damaged during the lockout process?

Probably not. The methods of door opening that our technicians utilize are safe for locks – notably picking or bump keys. However, in extreme situations, we might need to drill your lock to get the door open – in which case we will need to completely replace the lock in question.


Will my property be harmed during a safe opening?

Never ever. Top Locksmith employs experts that ensure that all of your important valuables are protected and remain without a scratch during th entire process of a safe lockout service.

Will a locksmith opening up my locked safe damage the safe’s mechanics?

Usually safes that are opened up by our locksmiths will have to be replaced, as they will no longer be able to function with the level of security that’s truly necessary to safely house your valuables.


How much does residential locksmith service usually cost?

Here at Top, we offer a wide range of services, and always work within the budget of our customers, with a flat-rate quote sent to you before a locksmith arrives at your location that will never be deviated from. Our primary goal is to provide the best locksmith services for our customers, and we will never stop working hard until we achieve it.

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