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Trunk Lockout Remedies

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Locksmith Services

Open car trunk

Getting locked outside of your trunk, while seemingly less of a major issue than getting locked outside of the body of your vehicle, can be quite an inconvenience that could throw a major wrench into your daily plans. Here’s the automotive locksmith experts at Top Locksmith best ways to get into a locked trunk.

Recheck your Trunk

Many people freak out when they find they can’t open up their car’s trunk – and this freaking out can lead people to overlook what sometimes (and hopefully) might be a simple solution. Stay calm, and double check; try opening your car’s trunk again, and see if it responds. Try pressing on the transponder button, then manually insert your key. While this might seem like babying advice, trust us – we’ve had a share of calls from people who believe they need professional assistance to open up their trunk, only to find that they had the ability to open it with their keys all along. However, if you’re unlucky enough that this step doesn’t provide solutions, move on to our next stages of advice.

See if you can access your trunk from the car’s interior

If you can access the body of your vehicle, see if you can get in the trunk through there. Many cars have an open connection between the car’s interior and the trunk – or even an ability to remove or push back one of the car’s back seats in order to access the trunk. Many trunks have levers that allow for opening from the inside, so if you have this, voila, it’s an instant solution. If you’ve really lucked out, simply pushing the manual control for your trunk from your vehicle’s console will instantly open it.

DIY Attempt

Let it be said that the experts at Top Locksmith do not recommend any complex amateur lock bypass attempts, as they often fail and can even cause more damage to the car’s lock than already is the situation. If you have spare keys locked in your car, you can attempt to find a way inside the car – and if not, one could attempt to pick their trunk locks (to do so, one would need a multifunctional automotive lock pick set. That all being said, we highly discourage these attempts, and stress that people are more often than not better served by simply proceeding to the next step.

Contact an Expert Automotive Locksmith

Give us a call! When you work with the experts at Top, you are guaranteeing yourself the highest quality, most efficient, and most professional service in the entire industry. You can rest easy in knowing that our licensed auto lockout experts are fully ready and prepared to help you open up your trunk in a manner of minutes, with virtually zero risk to your vehicle’s locks – and always at a fair, affordable price.

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