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Underrated Security Strategies


There’s tons of home security and safety strategies readily available to anybody with internet access. Most of these strategies are definitely effective, however some burglars are aware of these strategies already, so it might not always work as well as you may want them to. It’s true, that even many deterrents won’t prevent extremely skilled or knowledgeable burglars from coming into your property. But if you follow the below strange security strategies, it greatly minimizes the chances of it happening; this is all due to the outlandish and creative aspects of these strategies.


Don’t Utilize Nightstands

Many burglars assume that weapons and valuables are stored in bedside nightstands or dressers – basically using a nearby piece of furniture as a form of improvised safe or deposit box. We urge you not to do this, because it’s a widely common space familiar to burglars. Perhaps consider storing valuables inside a high up cabinet in a child’s room, as the majority of burglars won’t assume that there’s valuable items stored there, especially if they are in a rush to leave your property quickly. It’s of course, not smart to put weapons in children’s rooms, but everything else is somewhat of a smart idea, especially if you can store items on a level too high for children to reach.


Fake Signs

Even if you don’t have an alarm system in your home, make sure to buy home security signs, because they work as excellent passive deterrents. You can easily find these signs online or at hardware stores, with a plethora of available branding – it’s cheap, and effective.


Move around alarm locations

The most common area for security alarms to be placed is inside the door closest to the front entrance of the home – this is meant to increase convenience for anybody coming into the home. However this is a major security floor, especially if there’s windows nearby the entranceway – as a criminal can easily break through the window and disable the alarm; we recommend, instead, to install an alarm system a bit farther away from the entrance way.


Car Key Strategies

If one does have a situation where a burglar enters their home, the most obvious reaction would be to call the police from your cellphone, perhaps a phone kept nearby your bed or nightstand. We recommend keeping your car keys on hand, so if you do end up hearing a burglar in your home, you can quickly set off your car alarm, which will likely spook and scare off the burglars.

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