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Vehicle Theft

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Vehicle TheftCar Theft Decline Due to Security Technology Advancements

There has been a slow and gradual lowering of automobile theft in recent years. 10 years ago, many people were losing their homes and desperate to turn to automobile theft to make ends meet. However, in the last few years, the job market has recovered, and the crime rate has lowered, and has been staying low. Another reason for car theft gradual decline is the increase in technological prowess. New smart car technology acts as a strong deterrent for thieves, in turn causing a continual decline in automobile theft. But car thieves aren’t yet finished with their dastardly trade.


New Vehicle Theft Threats

Tailgate vehicle theft has risen from around 400 7 years ago to almost 2000 since 2015. Officials estimate that the number is actually higher, but many people don’t want to report it at all. It will only take 30 seconds for a thief to take a tailgate off a car – a simple operation that utilizes basic tools. The thief can then make a severe killing selling off the electronics and scrap metal they receive through this theft. This can lead to large losses for truck owners. For example, those who own a 2016 Ford F260 King Ranch pickup truck will have to spend over 3000 dollars to replace a tailgate.


Keep Watch Over your Car Parts

You can secure your tailgates by locking them securely and parking with the tailgate backed up against a wall or another surface. Even if you don’t have a truck, you’re at risk for a specialized automobile part theft, as over 75,000 airbags get stolen from vehicles every year – and since airbags are much easier to steal than the entire car, it’s not surprising that most thieves these days don’t aim to steal the entire vehicle – just small parts of it that can fetch for good money on the illicit market. Other items that are commonly stolen are GPS devices and full systems, sound systems and stereos, car television sets, cell phones, electronic devices, third row seats, tires, and rims.


How to avoid having belongings stolen

  • Always secure your car using your key fob when you walk away from it – this will also help you remember to always have your keys on you, preventing the possibility of a lockout.
  • Keep your valuables hidden. Don’t display valuables in your ar windows, and don’t leave your keys out either.
  • Leave your car parked in well lit locations at night. If you ever see somebody in a parking lot checking up on random car doors, don’t park in that lot, and report the suspicious activity. Don’t assume that the person attempting to pick the car door is a locksmith.
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