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Warehouse Locks

Posted on by TopLocksmith in Business Security

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The commercial lock repair and maintenance experts at Top regularly perform our skilled services for warehouse operations, and in that process, deal with many of the most popular (and even obscure) warehouse locks in the industry. In this brief blog post, we’ll go into a bit of detail regarding the different types of warehouse locks that are implemented for security.


These range based on price, make, and model, but they are often used in warehouse settings. You want to ensure that regardless of what type of padlock you use, that it’s secured to a strong chain or hasp. If your padlock is stronger than the aspect it’s being secured to, the lock will simply be overlooked by burglars who will choose to attack the weak chain or hasp. You need multiple layers of security, so that the padlock has both a strong shackle and lock body as well as being attached to a strong hasp and/or chain. The padlock is best used as a part of perimeter security.

Door Handles

Locking door handles or knobs often utilize spring loaded latches that can be defeated by feeler gauges and other lockbreak methods, and are often used as internal privacy rather than security. Make sure that your door handles are working properly though, as even if you don’t expect them to provide extreme security, the multiple (even light) laters of security will help buy you time and discourage potential burglars who are wary of taking time and increasing their chances of being detected and/or caught.


These are the number one type of lock for warehouse security – and of course, the true level of security will be determined by how much force each deadbolt can take. All exterior warehouse doors should be fit with deadbolts, and if there are any internal doors that need to be secure, they require deadbolts as well. Not only are deadbolts a security must, but they have to be paired with strong doors that can match the level of strong security that they provide.


Quick Warehouse Security Tips

  • Don’t spend too much time focusing on active security aspects like security guards or cameras and ignore the passive security aspect of warehouse locks.

  • You need a widely fruitful and varietous mixture of both active and passive warehouse security.

  • Make sure all the locks you deploy are internally complex, patent protected, and strong.

  • Focus on deadbolts rather than the other types of warehouse locks.

  • Each lock should be paired with the most likely type of threat that they will logically face.

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